PW has a whole bunch of different types of shows you can be a part of!

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downspace show

3 weeks and $750 in a big black box —— all year!

PW produces seven shows each year in our large downstairs space. These shows each get a budget of $750 and full use of all of PW's technical resources. WOW! Free money and space to make all your art dreams come true! Click here to learn more about the proposal process for the Downspace.

upspace lottery

take up space in the upspace —— all year!

The Upspace is our smaller blackbox theater, available by the day through a lottery system. We’ve hosted concerts, art galleries, play readings, poetry slams -- and we want to expand the list! Upspace projects are not produced by PW - that means we don’t automatically give you money - but grants are available to help bring your art to life. Click here to learn more about the Upspace Lottery process!


3 chairs 2 cubes: a short play festival —— october

3c2c is PW’s annual short play festival, featuring new works written by students like you! First, playwrights submit 10–15 minute plays, and the PW Board reads and decides which plays to put on. Then, directors apply to direct, the Board pairs directors with plays, and the festival process is underway! The only catch? Directors can only use three chairs and two cubes in their staging (!). Click here to learn more about writing or directing for 3c2c.

immersive art

blur the lines between audience and art —— february / march

Use the immersive art slot to blur lines and push boundaries! Previous immersive art slots have transformed the Downspace to _______,_________, and the Upspace into ______________. The possibilities are endless. Have an idea on how you can immerse your audience? Click here to learn more about the proposal process.


two weeks in the (up)space —— february / marcb

Two weeks in the Upspace (or TWITs) strikes a balance between an Upspace lottery slot and a Downspace slot. You get a $375 budget and your show will be produced by the Board. Wowza -- the possibilities are endless! Click here to learn more about the proposal process for TWITs.


two weeks in the (down)space —— april

two weeks in the downspace (or 2WITS) is an opportunity for artists to work in the PW Downspace for two weeks each spring!