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facebook: @productionworkshop

instagram: @production.workshop

Want to join our mailing list? Email the secretary (who's the current secretary? look on the board jobs page!) and they'll happily add you!

Production Workshop is a strong advocate for art across campus. Please note that at this time, however, the PW listserv only promotes student-led work explicitly related to PW, as well as professional-led opportunities relevant to the PW community.

If you're a member of the Brown community, we encourage you to submit student-theater-related advertisements to the Brown Theatre Collective, as well as newsletters like those sent by the Brown Center for Students of Color, the Sarah Doyle Center, the LGBTQ Center, and the UFli Center.

If you're a theatermaker from outside the Brown community, we invite you to submit opportunities relevant to students to our email, We ask that you please include information about anticipated cost and/or compensation, time and location, and target audience. Please note that we only promote events in line with our Mission Statement. We discuss our submissions at our weekly PW Board meetings for inclusion in the next newsletter.

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