about pw

pw mission statement

Production Workshop (PW) is an undergraduate student-run theatre organization at Brown managed by a non-hierarchical board that endeavors to foster a radically inclusive space. Production Workshop’s goal is to constantly work towards an anti-racist theatre practice that uplifts and amplifies the stories of BIPOC artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists of marginalized genders whose voices have historically been suppressed and denied by the Western theatrical tradition. PW is committed to producing socially conscious art that educates, inspires, and challenges artists and audiences alike with a focus on fostering community, catalyzing action, and dismantling oppressive systems disguised as tradition. PW strives for a more just paradigm of community, accessibility, and anti-racism in theatre-making.

As the PW Board, we write this mission statement to challenge ourselves and you to hold the institution of PW accountable for its artistic promises and goals because above all, PW is and always must be:

  • Liberation
  • Connection
  • Intersection
  • Experimentation
  • Emotion
  • Democtratic/Flexible
  • Change
  • [_________________]
  • you.

What is PW?

Production Workshop (PW) is Brown's only completely student-run theater.

We like to say that a lot not just because it sounds cool, but also because it's true. Production Workshop focuses on producing theater (and other art) that would not have the opportunity to be produced in other venues on campus, and giving students the opportunity to learn about theater by producing it – all of it – by themselves.

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