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How do you pwiki?

pwiki is pw's new website. It's superior to the old website for a few reasons:

  1. Any board member can now update the information on the site. This means that audition information, equipment lists, etc. are more likely to be up to date, since it doesn't rely on a single person who knows HTML to keep all of the info current.
  2. Some sections of the web site are editable by anyone with a Brown email address. Notably, you can make yourself a personal page on the Greenbook, share stories and tips with others, and add items to our shop shopping list and electrics shopping lists.

To get started:

  1. first register for an account. Check your email to find out your password. You can change it as soon as you log in to something that's easier to remember.
  2. make yourself a personal page on the Greenbook. You can check out other people's pages for ideas about what to write, and how to format the text to make the page look like you want it to.
  3. email with any questions.
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