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week in the space

this page is intended to give you some basic info about week in the space. if you have more questions, or think you might have an idea for a project, get in touch with us.

what is week in the space?
week in the space is just what it sounds like. we give you our space for a week, and you do whatever the heck you want to do with it. this is different from a regular pw slot, mostly because a regular pw show would have the space for three or four weeks in which to rehearse.
this fact makes week in the space a unique slot. we're looking for unique, experimental projects that don't need big sets or elaborate lights. this means that dance pieces, scenework showcases, staged readings, first run-throughs of new plays and performance art pieces are perfect for week in the space.

get week in the space proposal guidelines here

when is it?
WITS 2012 will be March 9th through 12th.

how do i apply?
Applications will be due by 5pm on Wednesday February 15th. Be sure to check out the WITS Proposal Guidelines.

week in the space is a unique opportunity for unique projects, so if you have any ideas at all, please get in touch! we'd love to hear about your project!

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