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Upstairs PW Show Archive

We are slowly trying to put together a wiki archive for shows that have gone up in the upstairs space. See a show missing some or all details? Please e-mail Marty with more info about the show!

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

spring 2014

fall 2013

spring 2013

fall 2012

spring 2012

fall 2011

spring 2011

fall 2010

spring 2010

fall 2009

spring 2009

fall 2008

spring 2008

fall 2007

spring 2007

fall 2006

  • BOP evening of Scenes
  • The Skriker by Caryl Churchill
  • SotG Fall Scene Festival
  • Proof by David Auburn, directed by Adam Keller '07

pre spring 2006

  • Glengarry Glen Ross, presented by 6 seniors
  • Laughing Wild, student directed work
  • The Olive Thief, student written and directed work
  • A cabaret to benefit cancer research
  • Black Dice (concert). Presented by COBAB
  • Lisa D’Amour (performance artist). Presented by the Brown/RISD performance art coalition
  • A Separate Piece, by Tom Stoppard (theatre)
  • Slip of the Tongue (writing workshops).
  • Lynne Breedov (performance artist). Presented by the LGBTA
  • Animal Collective (concert).
  • Depresssion Monologues Project (solo performance).
  • Hunger Zoo, by Karola Kreitmair (student-written theatre)
  • you and me cowboy, written and performed by Rachel Bonds
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