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The PW Upstairs Space

Colloquially referred to as the upspace, the upstairs space is a flexible black box theatre ideal for theatre, performance art, workshops, musical events, poetry readings, dance concerts, and more. The upstairs space is geared towards providing Brown undergraduates with an artistic performance venue. Only undergraduates will be allowed to enter the lottery. Other members of the Brown community may use the space, but priority is given to undergraduates: contact the the upstairs space coordinator for more information. In the upstairs space, you are encouraged to experiment and push the envelope. Restrictions are made only in the interest of preserving the space as a venue for the Brown community in years to come.

Who's using the space now and what's coming up? Check out our calendar!

Celeste is the current upstairs space coordinator. Please contact her if you are interested in applying to the lottery, or if you have any general questions or concerns.

Check out our upspace show archive. See something missing? Email the upstairs space archivers and they'll update it!

Reserving the PW Upstairs Space

If you are interested in using the space, please review the Rules and Regulations and feel free to contact the the upstairs space coordinators with any questions.

If you would like to reserve a week in the Upspace for a project or a performance, please e-mail Celeste to get more information or ask questions about the submission process. Then submit a paragraph describing your anticipated event and the dates available ranked by your preference (also let us know if there are any you would not accept).

The lottery for the last third of the Spring '15 semester is happening on April 4 at 11:59pm! The lottery determines who gets the space when. You will be notified via e-mail about the lottery status following the selection.

The available weeks are
April 14-18
April 28-May 2 (during reading period, cannot advertise by poster)
May 4,5 (reading period, cannot advertise by poster)

These weeks are also listed on the upspace calendar.

Good luck!

The Sunday Show

The Sunday Show is an opportunity to use the Upspace for a one night performance, open to anyone! Performances are on Sundays that are not being used by lottery productions. A list of past Sunday Shows can be found here.

Interested in putting on a Sunday Show? Contact Skylar.

About the PW Upstairs Space


The Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard
Fall 2007

To look at our upcoming events, check out our calendar.

The space features a lighting truss, 24 dimmers, and a light board. The sound system features a sound board, CD-player, amps and four speakers. Reservation of the space comes with the use of 6 fresnel lights and access to the lighting and sound systems, both located in the tech booth. The space also contains a beautiful 1893 Steinway Model D 9' concert grand piano in pretty good shape, though its tuning is not at all guaranteed. Additional equipment may be supplied by the production workshop board on a case-by-case basis (see rules and regulations). It can be an ideal place to employ new designers just learning their craft or to try a new technical position without the bigger size of a downstairs space show.

Useful upstairs space links:

The University's scheduling office. They handle reseravtions of rooms other than the upstairs space for rehearsals.

Each semester, PW awards the Open Jar Grant to a variety of Upspace performance projects.

PW also supports student-written work via the PW Alumni New Works Grant.

The Creative Arts Council. They give out grants of up to $2000 for student projects each semester.

The Late Night Fund. They will give grants to alcohol free events sponsored by student groups. However, they will only accept one application from PW a semester so please be in contact with the upstairs space coordinator about applying for this grant.

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