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The Upstairs Space - Rules and Regulations

Events involving excessive noise may only take place between the hours of 6:00pm and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. On evenings other than Friday and Saturday, any group performing or rehearsing in T.F. Green has the right to ask another group to be quiet.

If you get time in the upspace you will schedule a meeting before your performance / event with your upspace liaison. PW Upstairs Space contract.

All Brown students have global card access to T.F. Green Hall from 7:30am to 11:00pm. You get a key to the upspace for the week or allotted amount of time you have in the space. This gives you access to the upspace, dressing rooms, props closet,

Along with the space come 6 fresnel lights, two 2-channel amps, 4 speakers, a light board, a sound board, a CD player, benches and metal chairs for seating. Additional lighting, sound, costumes, or furniture must be reserved through special arrangement. This includes lighting cable, gels and gel frames, minidisk players, and an additional CD player. The use of dressing rooms (possibly shared with other events) may also be arranged.

The space must be struck by then end of the reservation period. At least one PW board member will be present at strike. Any additional equipment used must be returned during strike. This includes props, costumes, furniture, lights, etc. The dressing room is not an acceptable place to return props and costumes. If the dressing room is used, it must also be cleaned out during strike.

A PW board member will monitor performances. The board member has the right to shut down the performance if, and only if, he or she feels that the performance is endangering the audience or the space. To ensure that this does not occur, PW would like to be notified if the performer plans on performing something that may break health standards or endanger the audience. The material will never be censored for artistic content, but the audience’s physical safety is the prime concern. The board member is present mainly to assist the performer.

Alcohol may not be consumed in the space. Rhode Island law prohibits open flames in a theatre space.

As an event in the upstairs space, your project will be advertised in the PW weekly e-mail.

PW asks that anyone performing in the upstairs space come to the weekly PW meeting on Sunday, at 11am in the upstairs space. Come the Sunday before your performance.

It is expected that after using the space it will be returned to its original condition if not better. This includes not only cleaning up after performances, but also after each rehearsal. Permission must be obtained in order to leave things in the space between rehearsals.

The upstairs space is used quite frequently, and it is possible that there will be performances, rehearsals, meetings or workshops in the space between your rehearsals. While the event that is currently performing gets priority, PW cannot guarantee that furniture, seating, props and even lights will not be moved between rehearsals. Contact the upstairs space coordinators with concerns and special requests, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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