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The PW Upstairs Space

The Upstairs Space is one of two black box theaters at Production Workshop. The Upspace is an intimate, flexible space; it can become a concert venue, creative workshop, exhibit space, or stage at a moment’s notice. It is equipped with a light grid, speakers, seating platforms, and a grand piano. Access to the Upspace comes with access to Production Workshop’s furniture stock, props stock, lighting equipment, and costume shop. Upspace users are also eligible to apply for the Open Jar Grant, a small pool of money Production Workshop grants to students and projects who need it. The Upspace is an incredibly valuable resource for all Brown and RISD students to use.

There is an outpouring of creativity and creative projects on Brown’s campus that need a home. We want the Upspace to be that home; we want anyone and everyone with an idea to have access to the resources Production Workshop offers. Our goal (ambitious as it is) is that no Upspace day go unused, and no potential project go unseen.

This semester, we are moving a combined request-lottery system that will minimize unused Upspace time and maximize projects in the Upspace. Here’s how it works:

  • PW will make available a calendar of all free Upspace days for the month.
  • You’ll decide how many days in the Upspace you need – up to six full days. If it’s a play with a constructed set, you might need the full six. If it’s a dance piece or a multi-day workshop, you might need three. And if it’s a concert or simple performance, you’ll probably need just one.
  • You’ll decide when you want to do the project. Some dates will be more popular than others (like weekends), so keep that in mind. If you have a couple preferred sets of dates, that’s fine too. You’ll also decide if there are dates you absolutely can’t do (Tuesdays; the first week; etc.).
  • If it does overlap, we’re committed to treating all projects equally and fairly. We’ll do a random lottery to see which project gets their preferred dates – and if the other can still happen on another set of dates, it will. The only exception to this lottery is that submissions with an audience will take precedence over those without (like rehearsals) because there are so few designated performance spaces on Brown’s campus.
  • We’ll take submissions on a monthly basis – and if there are free days in the calendar, we’ll advertise those so they can be filled up with concerts, workshops, readings, and whatever you can imagine!
  • Be sure to heck out the Rules and Regulations for more information about the possibilities of what you can do in the space.

Look out for submissions for next semester soon! Ezra and Marielle are the current upstairs space coordinators. Please contact them if you have questions about this process.

Who's using the space now and what's coming up? Check out our calendar!

Also, check out our upspace show archive for inspiration. See something missing? Email the upstairs space archiver and she'll update it!

Useful upstairs space links:

The University's scheduling office. They handle reseravtions of rooms other than the upstairs space for rehearsals.

Each semester, PW awards the Open Jar Grant to a variety of Upspace performance projects.

PW also supports student-written work via the PW Alumni New Works Grant.

The Creative Arts Council. They give out grants of up to $2000 for student projects each semester.

The Late Night Fund. They will give grants to alcohol free events sponsored by student groups. However, they will only accept one application from PW a semester so please be in contact with the upstairs space coordinator about applying for this grant.

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