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the sunday show

The Sunday Show is a chance for you to see or perform a one night show in the Upspace! Between booked weeks, the Upspace will be offered for one night (or full day if needed) to any person or group who would like to use the space for their performance. We welcome all variety; if you're interested in the idea, contact Fletcher.

Past Sunday Shows

Fall 2015

Starla and Sons

One Woman Cabaret by Meg Martinez

Jazz Jam

SoFar Sounds Music Concert

Spring 2015

Clyde Lawrence & Gang

Spring 2014

Masks, Movement, and Mayhem! with Clown Coach Kali Quinn

Gendered Comedy in the Upspace with BOTH Genders!

Fall 2013

BMC Coffeehouse

Starla and Sons

Nudity in the Upspace Pt. 2, The Reprise (Becca Wolinsky)

D(RAGTIME) (Cheno Pinter)

TPOC in the Upspace (TPOC)

What We Wrote Today: a Foxy Henriques Christmas Extravaganza! (Skylar Fox and Simon Henriques)

Spring 2013


TPOC Open Mic (TPOC)

12141: Intimacies (Andy Colpitts)

Happy Endings (Celeste Cahn)

Fall 2012


Nudity in the Upspace, The Reprise (Becca Wolinsky)

Mitt Romney Musical (Race Archibold)

ImproviClue (Improvidence)

For the Fanciest Person Only (Adam Wyron)

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