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One of the best pw stories i know:

In spring 2007 Patrick Harrison '08 and Jeff Wood '07 were directing PW's second production of Woyzeck. This Woyzeck was a half actor- half puppet production. I was production managing- my first experience as a PM.

Opening day got closer, time got short, and there was still a ton of work to do. The puppets especially needed a lot of attention. They needed to be detailed, beautiful, and funtional, and there were quite a few of them to make. Sophia Tintori ('08?) and Jeff knew how to make puppets, so they were heading up that operation. Towards the very end of our rehearsal time Sophie, Jeff, and Patrick stayed up for days straight making puppets and getting everything in order.

One morning at about 10am I walked over to PW. I saw an ambulance on Young O. I laughed to myself: “silly wee student. Overdid it last night and now you're spending the morning with the EMTs. Good thing I'm so much wiser than that.” And then I realized that the ambulance was outside PW.

The doors were closed and I couldn't see who was inside.

I rushed inside PW and ran into Sophie and Jeff. “What Happened!?” “Who is it?”

Apparently, Patrick, Jeff, and Sophie had spent the whole night at PW making puppets. Just before the insident occured, they had decided to take a break and bring table slips to the Ratty and V-dub. Patrick got back before Jeff and Sophie and decided to get back to work. He hadn't slept in about three days, he was alone, and he was trying to cut hand puppet sized pieces of cloth and wood. Before Sophie and Jeff arrived, Patrick's knife slipped and sliced his finger. Apparently Patrick is also pretty squemish about blood. Sophie and Jeff came in on Patrick's banshee like cries. He ran down the hall and into the men's bathroom, spurting blood all the while. Sophie and Jeff called and ambulance and Patrick was wisked away.

I inspected the remains. Patrick had squirted blood along the wall in the hallway, in a line 6ft. from the ground. He had sprayed blood in the bathroom- also near the ceiling.

I saw him the next day- his finger was wrapped and his face was a little grey.

hm, i don't have a brilliant end to this story, and i don't think i've quite communicated the hilariosity. but it was funny (at least to me). I'll probably edit this later….

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