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Mac "The Stache" Vaughey and the Unitard

this story takes place in november or december of 2001, during pw's production of Woyzeck. mac vaughey '03 and neil alger '02 were co-lighting designers. one night, as rehearsal was transitioning into production meeting, mac stood up and started stripping. under his normal clothes he was wearing a skin-tight lavender cotton knit unitard. it was not a flattering cut. when david myers '03 saw mac in all his purple glory, he screamed. then mac spent a few minutes chasing david around and around the downstairs space.

a concurrent event was mac growing a mustache. he wasn't satisfied with its appearance, so during tech for Woyzeck he used just for men on it. there was some sort of wager involved: it was suggested that mac would be unable to get a date while he had the 'stache. apparently, mac won the bet, but was extremely embarrassed when someone brought up this wager while mac was on the wager-winning date.

how garland knows this story

garland mcquinn '05.5 was the master electrician for Woyzeck. garland was pretty excited because it was her first semester of college and Woyzeck was the first pw production she'd worked on in some official capacity. (also, at the time she thought mac and neil were a couple of geniuses.) garland was so excited that even though there was no good reason for a master electrician to attend the production meetings, she did.

coda: during garland's final semester, she was helping clean out the costume shop. buried in a corner behind a rack of clothes, she found a stretched-out lavender cotton knit unitard. this caused her to scream involuntarily. she then attempted to explain to puzzled fellow boardmembers the events associated with the item, but i don't think she managed to properly convey the shock/horror/hilarity of the event. some moments are impossible to capture.

Blair reflects on generations of unitards

With Mac's lavendar cloth unitard reverently kept in its special place on the floor of the costume shop, Blair thought she had seen the end of the days of purple unitards making sporadic appearances on pw board members. However, her world would turn upside down one legendary afternoon in the Studio of the Strasberg. There, in the middle of what ostensibly was a TA116 scene from El Grande de Coca Cola, was board member Ross Cowan '07 magnificently performing the twist in both German and a shiny purple spandex unitard, featuring one of the larger codpieces she'd ever seen. There were times she feared whether she would be able to draw breath for laughing so hard, touched by the performance and the gentle knowledge that the unitard tradition would, somehow, live on. And on. And on.

but wait! there's more! (brought to you by sam kusnetz '02)

this story has the saddest of possible endings. and by “sad” of course i mean “embarrassing for mac and enjoyable for everyone else.”

at the time, perhaps still, there was an annual tradition called the midnight show, which was an impromptu cabaret evening of scenes and songs held towards the end of the year in which the theatre students of brown reflected on the past season, both mainstage and student theatre, and made fun of themselves and each other. becky white often wrote delightfully witty and sharply critical songs, impersonations of students and faculty would appear (alex aixala '00 & '02 does a great spencer golub), etc.

this part of the story takes place at the midnight show during the spring following the unitard incident. the show was well attended, and was going very well. mac left very early, though, because he had a date. and there was a lot of energy spent pointing out that he had won the bet (i believe the bet was with jeff kurtz) wherein it was posited that he could not get a date with the 'stache. so he won, his victory was publicly declared, and mac left the theatre. the show continued.

then something happened which very few people noticed: mac returned to pw with the date! she seemed like a nice girl, but little did she know what she was about to witness. two students, whose names i shall not reveal, decided to perform a scene in which one fellow played the part of mac, and the other played the part of mac's 'stache. the premise of the scene was the 'stache convincing mac to not shave. the dialogue was not, let us say, rated pg-13. in fact, it was plain raunchy. “don't shave me! think of the ass you'll get!”

i looked over at mac and his date. he was red. she was green. she uttered a few short words, and left the theatre extremely quickly. mac was displeased.

it was later decided by popular opinion that the bet concluded in a draw, and neither mac nor jeff claimed victory.

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