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Early in the spring semester of 2006, the PW board squared off against the combined forces of the Musical Forum board and the BrownBrokers board in a snowball fight at the Fox Point Playground at the corner of Charlesfield and Hope Streets. The PW board gathered in King House to prepare their battle strategy, and then took over the playground a few minutes before a cowardly Musical Forum board showed up and received an epic arse-whooping. The subsequent arrival of BrownBrokers did some, though ultimately little, to even the tables. The fight ended when, in an act of ultimate cruelty, Kara Munoz '06 of the MF board forwent all snow and bashed Elliot Quick '07 of pw in the face with a bucket. As his crimson blood dotted the once-pristine snow of the kiddie wonderland, all agreed that PW had won the day on superior snow skills and valor, and later MF board member Allison Grubbs '09 would cite PW's snowball superiority as one of the things that motivated her to ultimately join the ranks of the PW board as well. At the end of the fight, all parties declared a ceasefire and proceeded to the Upstairs Space for revelry and merrymaking.

The following is the false testament of Briel Steinberg '06, an MF board member:


Note: Every now and then MF board members try to airbrush out their overwhelming defeat by editing this Wiki page, but fortunately there are those willing to expose the truth.

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