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The most groan- or praise-worthy puns and bits of verbal dexterity from the history of PW:

“Snuffleupagus? Snuggle up to this!” - Todd Lipcon '07

“Can I have the, uh, 'bread,' 'cheese' and 'dough' for the bread, cheese and dough?” - Brian Christian '06 asking treasurer Justin Spiegel '08 to reimburse him for pizza. Justin, however, has absolutely no memory of this quote and sometimes decides not to order pizza anyway
Alex remembers this quote though. It was very clever. Alex didn't write the part about Justin not ordering pizza, so don't get mad at him please, anyone. He doesn't like it when people are mad at him.

“All right guys, you've swayed me. Suede me! Like a pair of leather shoes!” - Todd Lipcon '07

“Brecht Fest? I eat breakfast every day!” - Todd Lipcon '07

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