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So, in the upstairs space, we currently have a Steinway Model ā€œDā€ 9' concert grand piano. New, these things go for upwards of $80,000. Used, they go for at least $60,000. One might wonder, how the hell did we end up with this thing? James Rutherford wondered that, too, when, during a rehearsal for Growing Born several burly men (plus Phil O'Hara) started carrying a piano into the downstairs pace. After a bit of confusion, we determined that it was the piano that used to be in Alumnae Hall (where the Orchestra practices). Basically, Sayles got a new piano, the one in Sayles moved to Alumnae, and they didn't know what to do with the one in Alumnae, so the music department decided to donate it to the SAO. The SAO didn't know where to put a 9' long 990lb piano, so they figured they'd store it in PW for the time being.

After discussion with Ricky Gresh and SAAB, it was decided that the piano would be temporarily housed in PW's UpStairs Space. It was made clear to Ricky and SAAB that PW was happy to have the piano, but the board also felt that eventually a more suitable space should be found for such a nice piano.

After much confusion and piano-moving and leg-repairing, the piano is now happily standing on three legs in the upstairs space. Our old piano (a small baby Steinway) is on its side, awaiting its next home in life, which no one seems to know about yet (possibly the MF Room). There is also the possibility that we will sell the old piano to someone who rebuilds Steinways, use some of the money to buy an upright, and hopefully keep the profit. Despite several PW alumni confirming that the old piano was in fact donated to PW, the SAO is in disagreement with us about whether we should get the profit as earned funds.

Neat fact: As best Todd can tell, the new piano is more than twice as old as PW (built in 1893). It's pretty cool.

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