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From sam kusnetz '02:

“joyce reed, former associate dean of the college and the only person in university hall besides ruth simmons who ever actually both listened and talked to me, was an undergrad and graduate at brown (english, '61 and '65) and founded pw along with two other students whose names, unfortunately, elude me. i spoke with her during my senior year about pw, because i was interested in our origins, and i think we had a plan to write a brief history of pw as part of our elaborate tf green renovation response.

according to her, mr. foreman led the charge for student directed work on campus, and energetically encouraged reed and these two others to continue what he and they started by incorporating as a student group. i do not know whether, during his years, they called it production workshop, but he was never actually an official part of the pw board.

so foreman both did and did not start pw. having spoken with dean reed, i am inclined to credit her with the tinder and foreman with the match.”

From Gene Jaleski:

“Hi – my name is Gene Jaleski and I was part of the formation of PW in the spring of 1960.

The PW Facebook page mentions a Richard Foreman as the possible creator of PW. I do not remember such a name though he may have been part of the initial effort. I do remember Marc Tucker and Bill Paterson.

There were perhaps half a dozen original participants who initially staged one act plays in the Faunce House theater courtyard using folding chairs and rented lighting from Boston.

PW soon moved into the second floor Faunce House lounge for all productions through June or 1963 when I graduated. I suspect PW used the lounge until its current home was created.

Bill Patterson and I constructed a lighting system, including a dimmer board, around 1962.

Leslie Allan Jones was a wonderful supporter of PW and theater at Brown. He became a dear friend.”

From sam kusnetz '02:

“i love that the courtyard outside the mail room used to be called the theater courtyard.

at least one of the lights that gene and bill built was still in the PW inventory when i was at brown. is it still? it was a #10 tin soup can with a ceramic screw base attached to the bottom.

according to dean joyce reed, richard foreman had been directing his own shows around and about campus, and encouraged her among others to do the same, and to organize as a formal student group. which they did, and it was PW. her recollection when i spoke with her about this was that he was a senior, therefore it is not out of the question that one or more of the founding members of PW didn't know foreman.”

from Immer: Sam Kusnetz does not believe in using capitalization. While grammatically questionable, it is stylistically impeccable.

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