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Better than Dinner

Better than Dinner is the name of the PW intramural softball team, begun in the spring of 2006. The team was captained/created by Brian Christian '06 as part of a desire to rejuvenate the tradition of a PW intramural softball team, which had not existed since 2003 or before, and which had gone under the name Kicking and Screaming, a name of unknown origins which are believed to trace back to Gabriel Kahane '03.

The name Better than Dinner comes from a slogan by that name that has been prominently displayed underneath the box office window. The slogan itself comes from an inspirational letter/mission statement from a small Houston theatre (passed from David Myers '03 to Emily Drumsta '06) also up on the box office window about how theatres are not in competition with each other, they're united in a fight against dinner. It's much more inspirational than that though. As a softball team name, it implies that the PW board (a) prefers playing softball to eating dinner, or (b) plays softball better than a dinner could play softball.


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  • Thursday, April 6, 4 PM. Versus “Yellow Darts.” Behind OMAC.


  • Tuesday, April 11, 6 PM. Versus “Roscoe Wilks.” Behind OMAC.

Score: 0-21 (Moral Victory)

  • Saturday, April 15, 1 PM. Versus “The Matzah Ballers.” Behind OMAC.


  • Tuesday, April 18, 4 PM. Versus “AEPi Lions.” Behind OMAC.
  1. Brian Christian
  2. Alana Jacoby
  3. Justin Spiegel (if McGarty lets us)
  4. Alex Rosenthal (if McGarty lets us)
  5. Todd Lipcon (if McGarty lets us)
  6. Elliot Quick
  7. Allison “will let McGarty let everyone” Grubbs

  • Wednesday, April 26, 5 PM. Versus “The ZPD.” Behind OMAC.
  1. Justin Spiegel
  2. Charly Simpson (I'd be late…like 30min late)
  3. Alex Rosenthal (I'd be late…like 30min late)
  4. Elliot Quick (I might also be late)
  5. Todd Lipcon
  6. Blair “I have so little class” Nelsen (30 min late, coming from class)
  7. Brian (30 min late)
  8. Emily “I won't be late” Drumsta
  9. Allison “will probably leave early” Grubbs

  • Sunday, April 30, 3 PM. Versus “Sloppy Seconds.” Behind OMAC.
  1. Brian Christian
  2. Alana Jacoby
  3. Charly Simpson (?)
  4. Elliot Quick
  5. Alex Rosenthal
  6. Todd Lipcon
  7. Blair “Team Spirit” Nelsen
  8. Emily “Sloppier Than Thou” Drumsta
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