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Woyzeck (May 13-16, 2007)

Georg Büchner's Woyzeck was adapted for puppets and actors by Patrick Harrison '08 and Jeff Wood '07.

It was performed May 13-16, 2007 in PW's third slot in the Downstairs Space.

“You're so pale, Franz.”
(left to right: Chrissie Bodznick '10, Allison LaPlatney '07, Douglas Benedicto '08)


Douglas Benedicto '08Woyzeck/Dr.
Allison LaPlatney '07 …Marie
Rob Wollach '07 …Capt./Dr.
Devin Gould '10 …Drum Major/Jew
Matt Jones '10 …Showman/1st Journeyman
Dennis Kozee '10 …Sgt./2nd Journeyman
Jeff Wood '07 …Büchner/Andres
Chrissie Bodznick '10 …Mariechen
Albert Huber '09 …Helmut/Karl/Jew
Diana Wollach '10 …Katrin/Kathe/Horse
Karin Freed '09 …Inge/Monkey/Barmaid
Dan Beckman '10 …Wilhelm/Horse

Production Team

Directors: Patrick Harrison '08 & Jeff Wood '07
Stage Manager: Amanda Glassman '08
Puppet Design: Jeff Wood '07 & Sophie Tintori '09
Costume Design: Sophie Tintori '09 & Bryce What Kyndylan (JWU)
Lighting Design: Max Anderson '07
Sound Design: Jason Sigal '07, Danny Bowman '07, Kevin Sparks '07
Set Design: Adele Park (RISD)
Technical Direction: Pete Fallon '08
Props Design: Melissa Kagen '10 & Bryce What Kyndylan (JWU)
Production Manager: Sarah Campen '07
Board Liason: Ross Cowan '07
Horse & Star Band: Danny Bowman '07 & Kevin Sparks '07
Poster Design: Alexander Rosenbaum '08
Run Crew: Daniela Postigo '10 & Sarah Campen '07
Special Thanks:PW, Michael McGarty, John Emigh, Sheperd Laughlin, James Rutherford '07, Todd Lipcon '07, Kathryn Wallem '07 Coogan Brennan, Esme Cullen, Sara Perl Egendorf, Carol Poore, Robert Smythe, Jonald Gordon

(left to right:Chrissie Bodznick '10, Karin Freed '09, Jeff Wood '07, Dan Beckman '10, Albert Huber '09, Diana Wollach '10)

Directors' Note

Georg Büchner was only twenty-three in 1837, when he died of typhus in Zurich, leaving behind a collection of notes and uncompleted scenes for the play Woyzeck. The final two years of his life saw a frenzy of political, scientific and literary activity, and it was during this short time that he produced the entire literary oeuvre for which he is now celebrated. In 1835 he was briefly arrested for his involvement with an underground group of revolutionaries, for whom he penned the seditious pamphlet The Hessian Messenger, which called for the violent overthrow of the landed aristocracy by the working classes, over a decade before The Communist Manifesto was published. He spent the next two years establishing a scholarly reputation in the biological sciences, the field in which he was most publicly involved. During this time he wrote two plays, Danton’s Death and Leonce and Lena, a novella, Lenz—considered to be the first accurate portrait of schizophrenia in literature—and the Woyzeck fragments. Woyzeck was first published in a highly edited version in 1879, and later became a major text for German Expressionism with Alban Berg’s 1925 opera adaptation Wozzeck. Büchner’s early 19th century play has become a classic of the 20th century and, we believe, a prophetic work for the 21st century as well.

Woyzeck was one of the first plays in history to make working class people the subjects of tragedy, instead of merely relegating lower class characters to often comic supporting roles. Our adaptation uses text taken directly from some of Büchner’s other writings—The Hessian Messenger, Lenz, and “On Cranial Nerves,” an 1836 scientific lecture—as part of an effort to explore the relationship of text and author. Most importantly, our Woyzeck focuses on the ways in which people, in attempting to name the sublime totality of economic, political and cultural powers oppressing them under capitalism, typically misidentify their oppressors and direct violence instead against scapegoats—here Freemasons, Gypsies, Jews, and women—all under guise of Reason. Violence against these groups has as much to do with the ideological colonization and determination of the body as it does with actual physical violence. Our Woyzeck represents this dilemma to the audience so that we might see ourselves—not only in Woyzeck, but also in the Dr., the children, Marie, and the others—as what, today, we all are and must no longer be: somnambulists caught in a Nightmare from which we cannot awake.

Patrick Harrison & Jeff Wood

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