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written by Georg Buchner
translated by John Emigh

director: Nick Rosenblum

December 7 - 10, 2001
Production Workshop


Marie: Sarah Bowman
Showman: Lucy Boyle
Grandmother / The Monkey: Maura Finigan
2nd Journeyman / The Idiot: Ginger Gloystein
The Child / Kathe: Jenny Gold
A Soldier / The Horse: Elyne Kahn
The Doctor: Adam Lewis
Andres: Stephen Levin
Franz Woyzeck: David Myers
Margaret / The Pawnbroker: Rebecca Rouse
The Drill Sargeant: Mahdi Saleh
The Captain: Gregory Shilling
1st Journeyman / Police / Child: Ian White
Fiddlers: Andrew Grover, Philip Lederer

production staff

director: Nick Rosenblum
set designer: Nicholas Risteen
lighting designers: Neil Alger, Mac Vaughey
costume designer: Vanessa Gonzales Echarte
sound designers: Alden Eagle, Nikil Mehta
props designer: Erica Saleh
stage manager: Adam Immerwahr
production manager: Michele Traub
technical director: Anne Martin
assistant stage managers: Shanna R. Bowie, Sarah McKim
master electrician: Garland McQuinn
fight choreographer: Josh Loh
horse design/construction: Heather MacKenzie
deck captain: Sarah McKim
follow spot operator: Nikki Moody
sound board operator: Elise Terrell
video operator: Alexis Scott
dresser: Maya Bruhns
build crew: Valerie Estabrook, Nina Miguez
electrics crew: Adam Griska, Gayle MacDonald, Nikki Moody, Cari Cymanski, Seth Bockley
pw board liason: Rachael Miller
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