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Windrow Moongate

written and directed by William Wilson

October 20-22, 1972
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)


Eric Schurenberg (Windrow Moongate)
Ted Chatham
Bob Cornett
Jane Crosen
Dan E. Dickinson
Robin Goldwyn
Susan Litwack
Liz Ponte
Neil Ward


Harry Haskell
Amy Maurer
Joy Williams

production staff

director: William Wilson
set designer: William Wilson
lighting designer: Nick Aquilino, Catherine McKegney
costume designer: Catherine McKegney
sound & slides designer: Nick Aquilino
props designer: Nicolle Gadon
stage manager: Liz Ponte
music director: Harry Haskell
photography: Phyllis Curott
choreography: Carol Cravey
technical assistants: Steve Pollack, Harry Sparks, Liz Ulen, Neil Ward
console operator: Mimi Abatuno
programs: Mimi Abatuno
publicity: Nick Aquilino
house manager: Liz Ulen
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