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Wait Until Dark

by Frederick Knott
directed by Lee Taglin '10
Production Workshop Downspace
February 12-15, 2010


Mike TalmanEvan William Smith '11
Sgt. CarlinoEthan Reed '12
Harry Roat, Jr.Sean Patrick McGowan '12
Susy HendrixLeah Cogan '13
Sam HendrixDaniel Gonon '12
GloriaMariagrazia LaFauci '12
PatrolmenMichael Wharton '12, Zach Bleckner '12

Creative Team

DirectorLee Taglin '10
Asst. DirectorNicholas White '10
Stage ManagerAlexandra Keegan '12
Production ManagerJillian Robbins '11
Scenic DesignerAriel Schecter '10
Technical DirectorMegan Estes '12
Lighting DesignerAaron Malkin '10
Costume DesignerBeth Berger '10
Sound DesignerMichael Costagliola '10
Props DesignerAriel Schecter '10
Fight CoordinatorDavid Rudi Utter MFA '10
Asst. Stage ManagerBrette Ragland '13
Lighting Design MentorOona Curley '10
Asst. Lighting DesignerHelen Diagama '12
Asst. Costume DesignerCorina Chase '13
Master ElectricianAdam Wyron '13
Poster DesignerChris Tyler '10
Board LiaisonDrew Madden '10
Electrics CrewOona Curley '10, Megan Estes '12, Serge Lobatch '12
Build CrewDaniel Gonon '12, Serge Lobatch '12, Mathew Reis '12, Ellen Shadburn '12, Evan William Smith '11

Special Thanks To...

The Taglin Family, Alfred Hitchcock, the Bear Necessities, the White Family, Alex Peyser & Sam Yambrovich (AKA Samantha and Miranda), the Dept. of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Lowry Marshall, Michael McGarty, Kym Moore, Rebecca Schneider, Jason Blitman, Aubie Merrylees, Michael Williams, Brian Chin, Sarah Kay, Chris Tyler, Ellen Shadburn, Diana Wollach, Emma Price, Christopher Windom, the Brown/Trinity MFA Program, Panic Room, George's Deli, PW, Sleep No More, Fran Romasco, the TAPS Costume Department, Mark Caine, Serge Lobatch, Drew Madden, Andrew Oates, & Oona Curley


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