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Tod & I (December 2-5, 2005)

Tod & I, by Jeff Wood '07, was produced in PW's downstairs space in the fall of 2005. It was directed by Tara Ahmadinejad '07 and Jeff Wood '07.

It was performed December 2-5, 2005.



I: Allison LaPlatney '07
Aunt: Akela Marsh '07
Drunken Uncle, Mortician: Tara Schuster '08
Tod: Alice Winslow '08
Head Shadow Puppeteer: Jen Vafadis '08
Shadow Puppeteers: Kurt Roediger '07, Kevin Sparks '07, Kathryn Wallem '07

production staff
directors: Tara Ahmadinejad '07 & Jeff Wood '07
puppetmaker: Jeff Wood '07
shadow puppet designer: Jen Vafadis '08
lighting designer: Sasha Khmelnik '06
score composer and sound designer: Kevin Wilson '07
set designer: Kate Fu '07
scenic designer: Emily Pudalov '06
movement director and fight choreographer: Johnny Lin '07
props designer: Caroline Gray '07
stage manager: Blair Nelsen '06
production manager: Sirin Tugbay '07
technical director: Ross Cowan '07
assistant stage managers: Kailin Clarke '07, Michael Morgenstern '08
build crew: Brian Christian '06, PJ Cowan, Kate Fu '07, Blair Nelsen '06, Elliot B. Quick '07, Kaya Schmandt '08, Charly Simpson '08, Sirin Tugbay '07
pw board liason: Todd Lipcon '07

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