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Three Short Plays by Brown Students

April 27-29, 1973
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)

Spitting Up

written by Tom Stone

director: Joel Leffert

stage manager: Clifton Thompson

Otto: Harold N. Cropp
Rain Man: Skip Bopp
Peter: Craig Martin
Rodo: Stu Rosen
Bob: Robert Thompson

Collage: Song for Jon

written by Clifton Thompson

director: William Wilson

properties: Edith Borden

Michael: Eric Schurenberg
Sara: Amy Van Nostrand
Jon: Jim Brodie
Marcie: Charlene Kaleina

Glory Road

written by Joel Leffert

director: Neil Ward

stage manager: Dan Dickinson

John Carter: Scott Gadwa
Ed Gordon: Mike Dixon
Kevin Hunter: Dan Dickinson
Sandy Martinski: Edith Borden

production staff

design, lighting and technical direction for all shows: Stephen Pollock, Robert Brandes, Guy Tuttle
publicity: Elsa Damon, Paul Moser
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