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The Verge

by Susan Glaspell

“That May afternoon, the garden suddenly appeared before me in a whole new light, the manifold delights it offered to the eye and nose and tongue no longer quite so innocent or passive. All these plants, which I'd always regarded as the objects of my desire, were also, I realized, subjects, acting on me, getting me to do things for them they couldn't do for themselves.” - Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire

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AnthonyEvan Pelz '11
Harry Archer Boaz Munro '09
HattieRhianna Shaw '11
ClaireRachel Caris '08
DickHimmat Randhawa '09
Tom EdgeworthyEvan Smith '10
ElizabethLily Garrison '10
AdelaideNina Mozes '08
Dr. Emmons Daniel Rogers '08

Production Team

Director: Hillary Dixler '08
Stage Manager: Michelle Snyder '09
Assistant Stage Manager: Mark Stokely '11
Stage Managing Mentor: Allison Grubbs '09
Set Designer: Andrew Evans '09
Technical Director: Anthony Sabelli '08
Lighting Designer: Eric Rudisaille '09
Light Design Mentor” Drew Madden '10
Sound Design, Processing, Original Music: David Harrington '08
Sound Mentor: Paul Meier '09
Props Mistress: Kailtyn Stanhope '09
Costume Designers: Kelly Ma '08 and Rachel DeJong '09
Plants: Fred Jackson and The Plant Environmental Center
Production Manager: Daria Marinelli '10
Board Liaison: Charly Simpson '08
Poster: Roxanne Palmer '08
Electrics Crew: Matt Gelfand, Daria Marinelli
Build Crew: Eric Rudisaille, Alex Rosenthal, Adria Katz, Gerry Della Rocca, Daria Marinelli

Time: Winter, 1921
Setting: New England

Act 1: Claire's Greenhouse
Act 2: Claire's Tower
Act 3: Claire's Greenhouse

Director's Note: I read “The Verge” and knew it was my play. This production is a passionate experiment for all of us involved. Test all.

About the Playwright: Susan Glaspell (1876-1948) journalist, fiction writer and playwright, is best known as the co-founder of the Provincetown Players, the theatre company famous for nurturing a young Eugene O'Neill. Glaspell's plays, early feminist theatrical experiments, were performed there to mixed reviews. Although theatrical scholarship has favored her male protege, Glaspell's works are innovative, challenging, and surprisingly contemporary in idea and structure, demonstrating a forward-thinking impulse never quite matched by O'Neill. “The Verge,” written one year after the 19th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified, has been produced less than ten times in its almost 90 year life.

References photo 1

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