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THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH by Thornton Wilder - PW Fall 1st Slot '06

The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder was produced in PW's Downstairs Space on September 22-25th, 2006. It was directed by Daniel Rogers '08.

Fun fact: the Mammoth and Dinosaur heads we use in Capture the Mammoth every year are from this show!


Cast (In order of appearance):

Announcers: Byron Asher '08 and Adam Mazer '08
Sabina: Tara Schuster '08
Mr. Fitzpatrick: Patrick Harrison '08
Mrs. Antrobus: Charly Simpson '08
The Dinosaur/Mr. Tremayne: Dan Katz GS
The Mammoth/Cart Pusher: Sophia Shackleton '09
Telegraph Boy: Emily Roberts '08
Gladys: Alicia Coneys '09
Henry: Jeff Wood '07
Mr. Antrobus: James Rutherford '07
Fortune Teller: Colin Baker '08
Hester: Eileen Meny '07
Ivy: Jenny Wyron '09
Fred Bailey: Billy Popwell '09


Soprano Sax / Percussion: Nat Seelen '08
Trombone / Percussion: David Washington '07
Percussion: Abe Halpert '09

Production Staff:

Director: Daniel Rogers '08
Assistant Director: Jen Simonian '09
Stage Manager: Amanda Glassman '08
Set Designer: Pete Fallon '09
Assistant Set Designer: Laura Atkinson '07
Light Designer: Justin Spiegel '08
Assistant Light Designer: Allison Grubbs '09
Costume Designer: Lauren Fischer '08
Assistant Costume Designer: Thea Cohen '08
Assistant Costume Designer: Jes Kerry '08
Sound Designer: Todd Lipcon '07
Assistant Sound Designer: Karin Freed '09
Production Manager: Nicholas Leiserson '09
Technical Director: Matt Ball '09
Dramaturg: Jordan Elkind '08
Makeup Artist: Andrew Evans '09
Bozo: Elliot B. Quick '07
Build Crew: Nick Lesierson, Pete Fallon, Darob Malek-Madani, Steven Cole, Grace Price
Run Crew: Grace Price
Electrics Crew: Matt Gelfand, Andrew Evans, Elliot B. Quick, Chirona Silverstein, Spencer Brody, Andrew Brindamour, Alex Rosenthal, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Drew Madden, Karin Freed, Malay Khamsyvoravong, Steven Cole, Daria Marinelli

A note from the director:

Hope, like faith, is nothing if it is not courageous; it is nothing if it is not ridiculous.
- Thornton Wilder

This is very much a play of big ideas. How does trouble within the family mirror disaster without? How do great works affect those who don't even know of their existence? Have you milked the mammoth?

The question that has been answered for me during rehearsals and runs is perhaps the biggest question of them all: why do this (or any) play? Or, more broadly, why go on living? Certainly in the play every action, word and choice has been decided, and some say the same is true of life. What comes out very definitely in the work, however, is more than anything else a hope. Whether or not our path has been chosen, it is the trying, it is the struggle that matters.

But then again, who am I to say? It'll all be forgotten in a hundred years.

- Daniel Rogers
September 2006

Special thanks to:

The PW Board, John Minigan, Aaron Cutler, Tim Hett, Mike McGarty, Matt McGarrell, Elliot Quick, Jordan Elkind, David Ball, Ken Prestininzi, and all of our friends and family.


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