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The Pillowman

by Martin McDonagh
directed by Andrew Ganem '16
Production Workshop Two Weeks in the Upspace (TWITS)
February 21-24, 2014


KaturianAlex Ostroff '14
Ariel Keston McMillan '17
TupolskiSam Rubinek '17
Michael Evan Silver '16
Mother Audie Fierberg '15
Father Peter Bowden '16
Child Hannah Margolin '16
PuppeteersMarli Scharlin '16, Devon Nir '17, Ellen Taylor '17, Justinn Harris '15

Production Team

DirectorAndrew Ganem '16
Asst. DirectorGabe Lozada '16
Stage ManagersBen Badboi Chesler '15, Stewart Sharpe '17
Production ManagerCheno '14
Puppet ConsultantLiz Oakley '16
Puppet Body DesignerEmma MacLean
Puppet Head DesignerKevin Remy RISD
Lighting DesignerJose Clair '14
Sound DesignerEmma Davis '17
Technical DirectorPaige Vance '17
Props DesignerWendy Ginsberg '15
Costume DesignerMandi Cai '17
Fight ChoreographerTrevor Olds '14
Executive ProducerConor Kane '14
Poster DesignerEvan Silver '16

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