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The Music of Erich Zann in The Penal Colony

adapted from stories by H.P. Lovecraft and Franz Kafka
by David Harrington and Tamara Del Rosso
directed by David Harrington, February 8-11 2008


Erich ZannColette Garrigues '11
NarratorRafael Cebrian '11
BlandotAndrew Starrer GS
OfficerJack Sullivan '09
ExplorerTara Schuster '08
Condemned ManMatt Doup '11
SoldierSam Alper '11
SoldierMatt Wilde '11
S/M VictimsEdward Cava and Daniel Ricker

Production Staff

Director: David Harrington '08
Associate: Hillary Dixler '08
Set Design: Andrew Evans '09
Lighting Designer: Max Anderson '08
Original Music: David Harrington '08
Visual Consultant/Poster Design: Jay Gidwitz '09
Sound Design/Manipulation: Arvid Tomayko-Peters '07
Technical Director: Eric Rudisaile '09
Assistant Technical Directors: Gerry Della-Rocca '09 and Adria Katz '10
Production Stage Manager: Aaron Malkin '10
Assistant Stage Managers: Julia Horwitz '08 and Celine Vuong '09
Production Manager: Sophia Shackleton '09
Board Liaisons: Albert Huber '09 and Arik Beatty '10

Special Thanks

Matt Bauman, Adam Mazer, Metropolis, Sarah Doyle Women's Center, Richard Fishman, Genie Brinkema, Ken Prestininzi, Kyle Good, Kaya Schmandt, Elliott Colla, PW Board, The Divine Marquis, Antonin Artaud

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