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The Misunderstanding //or// Cross-Purpose

written by Albert Camus

director: Lloyd Lynford

March 25-27, 1977
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)


Martha: Devon O'Brien
The Mother: Laura Ann Worthen
Jan: Michael O'Connell
Maria: Diane Orson
The Manservant: Steve Warnath

production staff

director: Lloyd Lynford
set designer: Leonard Sorcher
lighting designer: Jim Wheaton
costume designer: Amelia Peck
make-up designer: David Parmelee
stage manager: Michael Chase
producer: John Lantos
technical director: Ben Lemon
crew: Ted Lemon, Mike Gleason, Leslie Barton, Ada Citron, Lars Ericson, Nick Minot
dimmerboard operator: Scott Burkholder
program: Kate Burton, David Parmelee
pw board liason: Kate
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