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The Magellan Project

conceived and directed by Rebecca Rouse and Kyle Shepard

May 27-30, 2004
Production Workshop

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actors: dancers:
Max Anderson Vaughn Edelson
Mara Cerezo Claudine Lott
Krista Knight Caitlin Mehner
Patrick Sheehan Marissa Molinar
Sarah Sussman Caedra Scott-Flaherty
Jess Wilson Noemie Solomon


Cello: Jessica Ashooh
Percussian: Ethan Golub
Piano: Ben Kamber

production staff

directors: Rebecca Rouse & Kyle Shepard
choreographer: Kyle Shepard
music composition & direction: Ben Kamber
set designer: Benjamin Bright-Fishbein
lighting designer: Garland McQuinn
costume designer: Jillian Waid
sound designer: Todd Lipcon
display designer: Emily Pudalov
stage manager: Michelle Lee
production manager: Pannill Camp
technical director: Benjamin Bright-Fishbein
assistant choreographer: Vaughn Edelson
assistant stage manager: Shauna Edson
master electrician: James Rutherford
assistant technical director: Pannill Camp
space consultant: Amanda Norman
poster and program design: Mara Cerezo
translator: Lillian Garcia Cerezo
build crew: Matt Biagini, Nicholas Morrell, Catherine Biddle, Rachel Bonds, Gayle Macdonald, Emily Drumsta, Zander Ebin, Brian Faas, Rachel Golub, Adam Green, Molly Lambert, Morgan Lawrenz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Margaret Rolley, Shira Wakschlag, Zoe Weingart, Joshua Shulruff, Adam Griska, Immer, Jess Wilson, James Rutherford
scenic painters: Rachel Bonds, Rachel Golub, Gayle Macdonald
lightboard operator: Elizabeth Forsyth
soundboard operator: James Rutherford
production manager mentor: Immer
pw board liason: Adam Griska
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