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The Lady of Larkspur Lotion

written by Tennessee Williams

In the Zone

written by Eugene O'Neill

director: Robert P. Barron

November 16-18, 1973
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)

//The Lady of Larkspur Lotion// cast

Mrs. Hardwick-Moore: Amy Arnsten
Mrs. Wire: Margaret Hickey
Writer: Rick Hershner

//In the Zone// cast

Ivan: Phil Shinn
Smitty: Eric Schurenberg
Scotty: Burt Lee
Swanson: Raymond Dickson
Davis: John Higgins
Jack: Mark Christiansen
Cocky: Rusty Magee
Driscoll: Scott Gadwa

production staff

director: Robert P. Barron
lighting designer: Audrey May, Seth Pinsker
props designer: Janet Raicovich, Sock & Buskin
technical director: Ben Lemon, Rob Barron, Craig Martin
publicity: Leo Blackman, Phil Shinn
construction: Bethany Baker, Burt Lee, Claire Simeone, the other crews, casts and friends
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