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The Knack

written by Ann Jellicoe

director: Sharon Grodin

December 10-12, 1976
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)


Tom: Bruce Tracy
Colin: Ben Lemon
Tolen: Charles Varon
Nancy: Julie Ann Iselin

production staff

director: Sharon Grodin
set designer: Sharon Grodin
lighting designer: Paul Klein
stage manager: Ada Citron
technical director: Ada Citron
assistant stage manager: Joetta Wagner
technical assistants: David Santoro, Joetta Wagner, Al Bartosic, Jim Wheaton, Leslie Barton, Evie Lettvin, the cast and significant others
dimmerboard operator: Ada Citron
publicity: Kate Burton, Susam Sampliner, Lee Sloss, Bruce Jones
producer: Rob Barron
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