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The Karaoke Kid

written and directed by Caitlin Marshall '05

March 11-14, 2005
Production Workshop


images © Ross Cowan. all rights reserved.


Poplar Duvet: Allison Posner '05
The Narrator / Glinda: Lisa Lokshin '06
Doctor Kohler: Aaron Cutler '07
Rod Stewart: Weldon Ledbetter '06
Cynthia Applebaum: Michelle Oing '07
Chuck A. Lott: Michael Obremski '07
Juan Julio Rodriguez: Dan Hernandez '06
Mack Benbow: Bobby Kaufman '08
Reporter / Assistant to the CEO / Nurse: Katie Bosland '07
Cameraman / President's Aide: Arjun Bhartia '08
Charell Barbosa: Andrea Gompf '08
Attorney General: Charly Simpson '08
Bill Green / The President: Jon Neidich

production staff

director: Caitlin Marshall '05
assistant director: Katie Meister '06
set designers: Marika Shioiri-Clark '05, Candace Toth '05
lighting designer: Justin Spiegel '08
costume designer: Tess Lynch '05
sound designer: Benji Samit '06
props designer: Kate Jovin '07
graphic designer: Jim O'Neill
stage managers: Hannah Miller '08, Christine Chen '08
production manager: Alana Jacoby '08
technical director: Alex Rosenthal '08
build crew: Maya Bruhns'05, Jesse Cohen '07, Zander Ebin '07, Matthew Gelfand '08, Alana Jacoby '08, Jacob Johnson '08, Kelly Ma '08, Caitlin Marshall '05, Garland McQuinn '05.5, Marika Shioiri-Clark, Joshua Shulruff '05, Candace Toth '05, the residents of Oaki Pokie
electrics crew: Leighton Bryan '08, Matthew Gelfand '08, Alana Jacoby '08, Jacob Johnson '08, Todd Lipcon '07, Brendan Pelsue '08, Alex Rosenthal '08
pw board liason: Maya Bruhns '05

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