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The Great American Desert

written by J. Oppenheimer

director: Michael Paliotti

November 10-12, 1972
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)


Young Cowboy: Craig Martin
Gunny: Ken Mescroll
Old Cowboy: J. Campbell Stras 3
Madam: Angie Burke
Beautiful Daughter: Sue Connors
Where: Dominique Henrette
Banker: John Dascongas??
Sherriff: Mike Dixon
Wyatt Earp: Ty Kashmiry
Wild Bill Hickock: Ned Bastille
Billy the Kid: Skip Bopp
Doc Holliday: Harold N. Cropp

production staff

director: Michael Paliotti
set designer: Steve Pollock
lighting designer: J. Campbell Stras 3
costume designer: Boise Cascade
music: Dianne Orson, Beth Orson
slides: Charlene Kaleina
film: Greg Andreezzi
electrics crew: Ned Bastille
dimmerboard operator: Seth Pinsker
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