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The Flies (December 8-13, 2006)

Jean-Paul Sartre's The Flies was produced in PW's downstairs space in the winter of 2006. The text was adapted from a new translation by Jen Wineman. It was directed by James Rutherford '07.

It was performed December 8-11, 2006.


Images © Jessie Hopkins. All Rights Reserved.


Orestes: Ross Cowan '07
The Tutor: Aaron Cutler '08
Jupiter: Michael Hammond '08
Electra: Tara Schuster '08
Clytemnestra: Lizzie Vieh '07
Aegisthus: Austin Campion '06.5
Alecto (the unresting): Byron Asher '08
Megaera (the jealous): Eileen Meny '07
Tisiphone (the avenger): Rachel Caris '08

Production Staff

Director: James Rutherford '07
Stage Manager: Alex Lubensky '09
Fly Wrangler: Sara Naylor '07
Lighting Designer: Max Anderson '07
Sound Designer: Paul Meier '09
Set Conglomerate: Kaya Schmandt '08, Adria Katz '10, Erik Peterson '07, Anthony Sabelli '08, Matt Conrad '07
Original Music Composer and Performer: David Harrington '08
Costume Designer: Emma Lipkin '08
Board Liason: Charly Simpson '08
Master Electrician: Liz Kaplan '08
Assistant Lighting Designer: Amanda Glassman '08
Assistant Sound Designer: Alicia Coneys '09
Assistant Stage Managers: Emma Price '10, Dennis Kozee '10
Stage Manager Mentor: Amanda Glassman '08
Electrics Crew: Daria Marinelli '10, Drew Madden '10
Build Crew: Drew Madden '10, Rowan Sharp '09, Jessie Hopkins '08, James Rutherford '07, Eileen Meny '07, Hannah Lewis '07, Albert Huber '09, Alex Rosenthal '08, Michael Hammond '08, Ross Cowan '07, Elliot B. Quick '07, Aaron Cutler '08, Amanda Glassman '08
Sewing Crew: Kaya Schmandt '08, Adria Katz '10, Claire Russo '09, Jessie Hopkins '08
Sound Board Operator and Mixer: Alicia Coneys '09
Poster and Program Designer: Ross Cowan '07

Director's Note

Drosophia melanogaster (known variously as fruit flies, wine flies, pomace flies, and grape flies) is a species of small fly heavily used in genetics research and is a common model organism in developmental biology. The name Drosophila comes from ther Greek 'δρoσoσ' and 'Φιλoσ,' literally 'dew-lover' — a name arising from the misconception that they gain their sustenance from human tears. Evidence is spurious at best, but it has been conjectured that they are drawn to centers of apathy and misery, which could account for our great luck in finding so many for this production. The only (recent) documented instance of such extreme Drosophila infestation was in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Those, too, were days of pestilence and remorse — of Roman gods in Greek towns, so to speak. By the way, if the flies bother you, I know a way to get rid of them. Simply move your hands like this and then say: 'abraxas galla galla tsé tsé.' They tumble down and crawl on the ground like caterpillars. —JR

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