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The Flick

by Annie Baker
directed by Sam Rubinek '17
Production Workshop Downspace
April 8-11, 2016


SamPeter Bowden '16
AveryBrad Weekes '17
RoseEmma Miller '16
Skylar/The Dreaming ManHemang Kaul '17

Production Team

DirectorSamuel Rubinek '17
Asst. DirectorSienna Vann '17
Stage ManagerOlivia Cummings '19
Asst.Stage ManagerIris Cronin '19
Stage Manager MentorMaya Frydman '18
General ManagerNaiyah Ambros '17
Set DesignerJosh Cape '17
Lighting DesignerAhmed Ashour '19
Lighting MentorLuke Denton '18
Sound DesignerBen Seymour '17
Asst. Sound DesignerGinger Holmes '17
Costume DesignerJoanna Massa '17
Props DesignersEmily Garrison '16, Lucy Dolan-Zalaznick '19
Technical DirectorStacie Farrow '18
Creative ConsultantJordan Stein '17
Executive ProducersAda Dolan-Zalaznick '17, Liz Oakley '16
Poster DesignerJake Kuhn '17
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