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The Danube

by Maria Irene Fornes
directed by Jessica Goldschmidt
PW Downspace
Sept. 25-28th, 2009



Kovacs/Waiter/BarberSam Alper
Paul GreenDaniel Gonon
Mr. SandorNed Riseley
EveLily Spottiswoode

Production Staff

DirectorJessica Goldschmidt
Stage ManagerAlexandra Lubensky
Assistant Stage ManagerMarissa Palmor
DramaturgDaria Marinelli
Production ManagerDrew Madden
Set DesignDominic Wu, Andrew Leber
Technical DirectorMegan Estes
Asst. Technical DirectorAndrew Leber
Build CrewDominic Wu, Serge Lobatch, Jay Danver, Ellen Shadburn,
Leandro Zaneti, Daria Marinelli, Brian Cross, Ellie Sywack
Technical AdvisorMichael McGarty
Paint DetailTheresa Lii
Lighting DesignSerge Lobatch
Asst. Lighting DesignAdam Wyron
Master ElectricianMegan Estes
Electrics CrewKatie Wilson, Gili Kliger, Margaret Mauer,
Olivia Chi, Sarah Lewin, Holly Hunt, Gillian Chu, Daria Marinelli
Costume DesignNika Taubinksy
Puppet MastermindsTimothy Simmonds, Chrissie Bodznick
Aural TailorDennis Kozee
Hungarian Voice QueenAnita Badejo
Poster DesignNika Taubinsky


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