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The Clean House

by Sarah Ruhl '97, MFA '01
directed by Emma Price '10
Production Workshop Downspace
October 16-19, 2009

The Clean House


LaneLily Mathews '12
MatildeSakina Esufally '13
VirginiaAbby Colella '12
CharlesAlex Kryger '12
AnaIvy Martinez '10

Original Music

ComposerDennis Kozee '10
LyricistPatrick Martin-Tuite '10
PerformersJune Yoon '12, Liz Connolly '11, Marvin Li '13, Saul Richmond-Rakerd '13, Jacky Legs Beoglin '12

Production Staff

DirectorEmma Price '10
Assistant Director/Stage ManagerAlexandra Keegan '12
Production ManagerAaron Malkin '10
ChoreographerMatt Bauman '10
Scenic Designer/Technical DirectorEmma Price '10, Oona Curley '10, Megan Estes '10, Jay Danver '12, Adam Wyron '13, James Hart '12, Aaron Malkin '10
Lighting Designer James Hart '12
Costume DesignerElizabeth Connolly '11
Lighting ConsultantBen Winkler '11
Board LiaisonOona Curley '10
Electrics/Run CrewAndrew Leber '12

Special Thanks

Kylito, Ivy, Nicholas and Christopher, the Price fam, the Meneses-Aguirre fam, Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia, the hippopotamus song, Katelyn, Claire, James, Oona and Megan like whoa, parents and friends from out of town, Matty, Susan, DenKo, Tealuxe, caffeine in general, Mark Brown, la Kate, lariana and sarita bear, Melancholy Play, Michael McGarty, Alex Spoto, 181 Governor Street, Fran and everybody who helped out at mainstage, Keegan times a million, and pw.

The Clean House The Clean House

The Clean House

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