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The Briar and the Rose

adapted by Courtney Naliboff '02 and Stephen Cannon '02

Production Staff
DirectorCourtney Naliboff '02
Music DirectorStephen Cannon '02
Costume DesignerNaomi Kenner
Costume DesignerIzzy ???
ConductorNathan J Stumpff
Set DesignerSteve Canon '02
Stage MangerHilary Gerstein
Production ManagerMichele Traub
Technical DirectorSam Kusnetz '02 (?)
MentorLila Rose
The Black RiderSeth ???
The Main GuyScott ???
The PreacherGreg Machlin
ChorusElmo ???, Ben ???
The DadJosh ???

“wow, been a while since i've thought about that show…

me: director/script-ish naomi kenner and izzy (?) costumes steve canon: “artistic director,” set, clarinet Nathan j stumpff: orchestrations, conductor hilary gerstein: stage manager i think michele traub was the PM the TD was some amalgamation of you and dov, i think lights ? lila rose did some mentoring/general being awesomeness

seth was the black rider that tall guy nate was old kuno scott something was the main guy greg machlin was the preacher elmo was in the chorus josh something was the dad daughter? main girl? wife? ben the trumpet player dancer guy was in the chorus and also did the choreography

i might have a program still somewhere.” -Courtney Naliboff '02

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