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The Bacchae

written by Euripides

director: Ross Wassermann

Production Workshop


Dionysus (also Bacchus, Bromius, and Evius): Shaun G. Clarke
Chorus of Asian Bacchae: Ginney Read, Jeaneane Judelson, Andrea Benzacar Dailey, Andrea Trisciuzzi
Teiresias: Andrew Weems
Cadmus: Fred Armstrong
Pentheus: Jonathan Fried
Guards: Elliott Lippman, Jon Linden
Herdsman: Jon Linden
Messenger: Derek Jones
Agave: Rosemary Smith

production staff

director: Ross Wassermann
choreographer: Maggie Schrero
set designer: Leslie Barton
lighting designer: Danianne Mizzy
costume designer: Jane Bosman
stage manager: Maura Murphy
technical director: Erich K. Frank
master electrician: David Laidlaw
costume crew: Karen Einbund
set crew: Evelyn Monroe, Jim Wheaton
dimmerboard operator: Jane Drummond
pw consultant: Paul Stark
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