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Stone Cold Dead Serious

by Adam Rapp


Wynne LedbetterAubie Merrylees '10
Shaylee Ledbetter/ShariceJessie Hopkins '08
Linda Ledbetter/Snake LadyAlexandra Panzer '08
Clifford Ledbetter/Jack GamMichael Hammond '08
Voice Actors
AnnouncerColin Baker '08
Samurai VoicesJulian Cihi '09

Production Team

Director: Adam Mazer '08
Set Designer: Daniel Rogers '08
Lighting Designers: Alana Jacoby '08 and Spencer Brody '10
Sound Designer: Daniel Byers '08
Costume Designers: Amanda Glassman '08 and Agnes Barrios '09
Props Designer: Alex Lubensky '09
Stage Manager: Sarah Yu '11
Production Manager: Alex Rosenthal '08
Technical Director: Jacob Kline
Martial Arts Consultant: Kristen Soule '09
Makeup Artist: Andrew Evans '09
Board Liaisons: Tara Schuster '08 and Andrew Evans '09
Assistant Lighting Designer: Max Posner '11
Assistant Sound Designer: Justin O'Neill '11
Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Lennett '11
Sound Mentor: Paul Meier '09
Ninja: Sam Alper '11 and Hannah Lennett '11
Bonsai: Sushi Charles Tatami
Electrics Crew: Drew Madden '10, Harry Aspinwall '11, Kaya Schmandt '08, Tara Schuster '08, Daria Marinelli '10, Arik Beatty '10, Alex Rosenthal '08
Build Crew: Albert Huber '09, Katie Bambino '10, Kaya Schmandt '08, Alexandra Panzer '08, Michael Hammond '08, Tara Schuster '08, Adam Mazer '08
Sound Board Operator: Kyle Dacuyan '11
Poster and Program Designer: Adria Katz '10

Special Thanks to:
The Theatre Department, Chris O'Neil, Tim Hett, Michael McGarty, Donna Hustler in the SAO, Jean Glassman, Dan Rogers, Tara Schuster, and Carole Mazer and the Mazer family

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