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Step Real Hard

director: Sam Kusnetz '02

May 25-28, 2000
Production Workshop


jeb havens
sam kusnetz
tysola logan
joseph mcgrath
nikki phillips
kerry silva
david taus
sean thomas
with cameos by the production staff

production staff

director: Sam Kusnetz
assistant director and tap coach: Alicia Wolcott
set designer: Emily Jan
lighting designer: Blodgett
costume designer: Alicia Wolcott
props designers: Sue Bickerstaff and Pannill Camp
stage manager: Allison Geffner
production manager: Amy Sonnenborn
technical director: Mac Vaughey
assistant stage manager: Serin Hale
master electrician: Liz Drew
publicity: Tracy Schultz
sound operator: Nick Agard
pw board liason: Alex Aixala
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