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November 5-7, 1976
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)

Riders to the Sea

written by J.M. Synge
director: Ann P. Costelloe

Cathleen: Debi Jacobson
Nora: Robin Sortor
Maurya: Phoebe Stone
Bartley: Kevin Harrington
Men: Bret Morgan, Chris Cantor
Woman: Liz Juka

Aria Da Capo

written by Edna St. Vincent Millay
director: Mark Richard

Columbine: Dannah L. Cohen
Pierrot: Paul Klein
Cothurnus, Masque of Tragedy: Mark Hantoot
Corydon: Ray Kimmelman
Thyrsis: Andy Gluck

No Exit

written by Jean-Paul Sartre
director: Alfie Kohn

Valet: David Babson
Garcin: Matt Sussman
Inez: Michele Harrell
Estelle: Eve Gordon

production staff

set & lighting designer: George Spelvin
sound designer: Ava Seave
graphics designer: Judd Silverman
stage manager: Barbara Haynes
producers: Kate Burton, Ben Lemon
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