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References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot

by Jose Rivera

References photo 1

Elena Lobo '08 and Patrick Harrison '08

Photo by Allison Grubbs '09


GabrielaElena Lobo '08
CatHollis Mickey '10
CoyoteAubie Merrylees '10
MoonPatrick Harrison '08
MartinPaolo Servado '10
BenitoFederico Rodriguez '09

Production Staff

Director: Charly Simpson '08
Assistant Director: Alex Rosenthal '08
Stage Manager: Amanda Glassman '08
Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Snyder '09
Set Design: Andrew Evans '09 and Allison Grubbs '09
Lighting Design: Justin Spiegel '08
Assistant Lighting Design: Arik Beatty '10
Sound Design: Paul Meier '09
Costume Design: Kait Stanhope '09
Props Design: Alex Lubensky '09
Technical Director: Eric Rudisaille '09
Master Electrician: Drew Madden '10
Production Manager: Alex Lubensky '09
Movement Coach: Rachel Caris '08
Installation Design: Adria Katz '10
Poster Design: Andrew Ahn '08
Board Liaison: Jessie Hopkins '08

References photo 2

Elena Lobo '08, Federico Rodriguez '09, Sarah Mickey '10, and Aubie Merrylees '10

Photo by Allison Grubbs '09

Build Crew: Jessie Hopkins, Adria Katz, Alex Lubensky, Francesca Montanile, Alex Rosenthal, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Ben Skerritt

Electrics Crew: Matt Gelfand, Ben Winkler, Spencer Brody, Alana Jacoby, Jonathan Wang, Alice Huang, Lyla Fujiwara

Special Thanks: John Emigh, Michael McGarty, Patricia Ybarra, the PW Board, Sock and Buskin, Pablo Alejandro, and my wonderful and supportive family, especially Mom.

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