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written and directed by Daria Marinelli '10
Production Workshop Downspace
April 16-19, 2010



DianeAbby Colella '12
RogerTed Cava '11
Gram-MamaMariagrazia LaFauci '12
Red WolfJohn Racioppo '12

Production Staff

Playwright-DirectorDaria Marinelli '10
Assistant DirectorEllen Shadburn '12
Stage ManagerBecca Title '13
Assistant Stage ManagerChris Jesu Lee '10
Production ManagerJames Anglin Flynn '11
Set DesignerRose Curley RISD '12
Costume DesignerCorina Chase '13
Wolf Mask DesignerSean Devare RISD '12
Lighting DesignerHelen Diagama '12
Sound DesignerPaul Meier '10
Props MistressAnna Whitehouse '13
Queen of AwesomeMegan Estes '12
Technical DirectorMathew Reiss '12
Assistant Costume DesignerKerry Hall '13
Assistant Lighting DesignersChris Fitzsimmons '13, Zachary Segel '13
Master ElectricianJames Hart '12
Master Lighting MentorSerge Lobatch '12
DramaturgMax Posner '11
Poster DesignerMateo Mancia '09
Publicity CzarinasMichelle Tan '10, Kathryn Linder '12
Board LiaisonSerge Lobatch '12
Electrics CrewAdam Wyron '13, Chris Fitzsimmons '13, Zachary Segel '13
Build CrewAdam Wyron '13, John Racioppo '12, Ted Cava '12, Mariagrazia LaFauci '12, Chris Jesu Lee '10, Sean Devare RISD '12, Becca Title '13, Amos Budde '10, Don Flynn '10, Helena Shteynberg '11

Special Thanks

PW, Erik Ehn, Michael McGarty, Max Ramirez, Tim Hett, Fran Romasco, Ron Cesario, John Emigh, Elmo Terry-Morgan, Josef Mittlemann, Dave from Grounds Division 5: Facilities Management, the CAC, Megan “Get 'er done” Estes '12, Serge "Long hours" Lobatch '12, Adam Wyron '13, Dominic Wu '12, Jessica Goldschmidt '10.5, James Anglin Flynn '11, SophShack '09, A Semester in Italy, Caffeine and Bagels, 179 Power, The Thayer Gang, Amos Budde '10, Mom and Dad.

Red Red


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