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RECKLESS by Craig Lucas - PW Spring 3rd Slot '08

Craig Lucas' Reckless was produced in PW's Downstairs Space on April 11-14th, Spring Weekend 2008. It was directed by Daniel Rogers '08.



RACHEL: Jessica Goldschmidt '10
TOM: Paul Cooper '11
LLOYD: Albert Huber '09
POOTY: Ivy Martinez '10
ROY: Matthew Wilde '11
TRISH: Michelle Snyder '09
DOCTOR: Lizzie Feidelson '11
TIM TIMKO: Andrew Oates '09

All actors but Rachel played multiple roles.


Director / Tech Director: Daniel Rogers '08
Stage Manager: Hannah Lennett '11
Assistant SM: Ana Esobedo '11
Set Designer: Pete Fallon '09
Lighting Designer: Alana Jacoby '08
Assistant LD: Harry Aspinwall '11
Master Electrician: Arik Beatty '10
Sound Designer: James Hinton '10
Assistant SD: John Raccioppo '11
Costume Designer: Sevita Qarshi '10
Production Manager: Drew Madden '10
Set Construction Crew: Melanie Garunay '11, Adria Katz '10, Peter Scheidt '10, Alex Rosenthal '08, cast and crew
Set Painting: Alicia Coneys '09, Sam Alper '11, Max Posner '11, Sophia Shackleton '09, Sammy McGowan '11, Just O'Neill'11, cast and crew
Electrics Crew: Sophia Berger '11, Sabrina Creekmore '11, Hannah Lennett '11, Drew Madden '10, Alex Rosenthal '08, Justin Spiegel '08
Poster and Program Design: Kori Schulman '08


A solitude ten thousand fathoms deep
Sustains the bed on which we lie, my dear;
Although I love you, you will have to leap;
Our dream of safety has to disappear.

- W.H. Auden

Special Thanks:

Alicia Coneys, Adam Mazer, Adria Katz, Sophia Shackleton, Michael McGarty, Tim Hett, the Theatre Department, the Spirit of Christmas, and all of our families and friends.


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