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Pleasure Dome

For two weeks in January and February 2009, the Production Workshop
was turned into a functioning television studio and time machine.
Walking though a 27-ft television transported audience members and
cast to the looking glass world of the 1960s.

Pleasure Dome was filmed in the PW Studios and aired Feb 6-8, 2009.

Plans for syndication are on permanent hold.

david harrington
andrew starner


mariagrazia lafauci
ariel hudes
claire cushman
joseph stricker
dylan nelson
paul cooper
tess avitabile
kathryn rhoads
lillian matthews
abigail schreiber
valerie hsiung
jad joseph

Ian Sims
Jeff Neilson
Nate “Broadway” Sloane

…with the Assistance of

Ria Dilullo–stage manager
Jay Gidwitz and Hans Vermy–video
Peter Scheidt–set guru
Jamie Green–asst. stage manager
James Hart–lighting design
Kaitlyn Stanhope–costumes


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