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A Celebration of Young Playwrights

director: Liz Parrot

April 19-22, 2002
Production Workshop

Power of Three

by Fidan Mustafayeva, age 11

When Jay-Z Goes Bad

by Crystal Dunstan, Diana Maldonado, and Kelley Yanes, age 10;
Mildred Guillen, Esther Pacheo, and Melba Reyes, age 11

From Lulu to Lila

by Phoebe Neel, age 11

When the Devil Walks in Town

by Mikela Almeida, age 13

How to Hurt Yourself

by The Codding Court Kids


Diana Fithian
Lila Rose Kaplan
Adam Lewis
Gayle MacDonald
Darius Pierce
Tommie Roache
Gregory Shilling
Kerry Silva
Stacey Yen

production staff

director: Liz Parrot
set designer: Naomi Kenner
lighting designer: Garland McQuinn
costume designer: Cassie Tharinger
sound designer: Alden Eagle
props designer: Jamieson Bunn
fight choreographer: Josh Loh
stage manager: Zara Findlay-Shirras
production manager: Alden Eagle
technical director: Adam Immerwahr
assistant stage manager: Caitlin McDonald
assistant costume designers: Jillian Waid, Jamieson Bunn
master electrician: Maya Bruhns
run crew: Kristina Hammond, Sam Posner, Martha Johnson
build crew: Didi Ilkson, Katie Miller, Lauren Rubenzahl, Alden Eagle, Vanessa Gonzalez, Maya Bruhns, Katherine Wasdin, Anna Blumstein, Kristina Treanor, Mary Eagle, Liz Parrott, Amanda Doster, Thesy Surface
electrics crew: Neil Alger, Neil's friend Dave from California, Blodgett, Adam Green, Adam Immerwahr, Rachael Miller, Mac Vaughey, and Grace Cornell
poster: Anne Martin
pw board liason: Rachael Miller
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