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The Best Brown Playwriting Festival Ever: The Festival

Pastiche is WritingWorkshops. StagedReadings. BrownbrokersMusicals. 48HourPlaywritingMarathon. NeoFuturists. AndALotofFun. All in OneWeek.


Daria Marinelli '10, Alex Rosenthal '08, Max Posner '11, Alana Jacoby '08, Jessie Hopkins '08, Arik Beatty '10, Justin O'Neil '11

Lighting Design:
Matt Gelfand '08

The Schedule


Monday: Strike.
Tuesday: Workshops. - 7:00pm
Wednesday: Readings, part 1. - 8:00pm
Thursday: Brownbrokers. - 8:00pm (48hr Begins)
Friday: Brownbrokers. - 8:00pm
Saturday: 48 Hour Presentation. - 8:00pm; PW Prom.
Sunday: Readings, part 2. - 3:00pm
Monday: Strike.


Neo-futurists all week long. 30-60 minutes of an appetizer before the downstage event.

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