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Park Play

by Angela Thurston

a play about people watching, politics, and power pop fantasies


Chess People

The Old Chess Man Alex Rosenthal '08
The Ancient Chess ManCaleb McEntire '10

Bench People

LewisAlbert Huber '09
RoxanneBetsy Wilson '08
Hanson Douglas Benedicto '08
EmikoAlexandra Hellquist '08
ShaneSteffen Marcus GS
CharlotteNina Moses '08

Pathway People

The Woman Who Pulls Clippings From a Lunch Bag and Reads Them And Rips Them Up and Throws Them in the Fountain… and othersEllaRose Chary '07
The Man Who Will Feed Squirrels… and others Michael Dean '08
The Politico Eating Pretzels… and othersDan Katz GS
The Nonconfrontational Tourist Who Wants a Picture with The White House but Can't Get Up the Guts… and othersAndrew Oates '09
The Good Humor Guy with a Yellow Cart that Honks…and others Daniel Rogers '08
The Lone Fashionista…and othersAlissa Wickham '09
The Woman Crying in a Foreign Language…and othersDiana Wollach '10


Co-Directors: Erin Adams '09 and Angela Thurston '07
Stage Manager: Alma Guerrero '09
Assistant Stage Manager: Chirona Silverstein '10
Stage Manager Mentor: Alex Lubensky '09
Choreographers: Jacob Ricciardi '09, Selena Brown GS, and Sarah Campen '07
Musical Director and Composer: Jonathan Russ '07
Fight Choreographer: Adam Mazer '08
Set Designer: Jenny Filipetti '09
Costume Designer: Kelly Ma '08
Assistant Costume Designer: Adria Katz '10
Properties Design: Michelle Snyder '09 & Jessie Hopkins '08
Projection Designer: Dennis Jung
Lighting Designer: Alana Jacoby '08
Sound Design: Paul Meier '09
Production Manager: Drew Madden '10
Technical Director: Anthony Sabelli '08
Assistant Technical Director: Jake Kline '10
Dramaturg: Michael Ennis '08
Rehearsal Facilitator: Charly Simpson '08
Board Liaison: Justin Spiegel '08

Set Crew
Adria Katz '10
Cyrus Scofield
Chirona Silverstein '10
Douglas Benedicto '08
Arik Beatty '10Steven Cole '10Lyla Fujiwara '10
Matt Gelfand '08Jessie Hopkins '08Adria Katz '10
Drew Madden '10Chirona Silverstein '10 Justin Spiegel '08
Aaron Stanton '08Jon Wang '10
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