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Our Town

written by Thornton Wilder

director: Rob Barron

March 11-13, 1977
Faunce House Art Gallery (Leung)

note: information gathered from the proposal and BDH review; the actual program is missing.


Mr. Webb: Fred Armstrong
Emily Webb: Kate Burton
Mrs. Webb: Dannah Cohen
Simon Stimson: Mike Cozansky
Mrs. Gibbs: Elizabeth DeBruler
the Stage Manager: Tim Hearn
Dr. Gibbs: David Parmelee
Rebecca Gibbs: Linda Preis
Wally Webb: Brian Simpson
Mrs. Soames: Catherine Smith

production staff

director: Rob Barron
set designer: Ada Citron
lighting designer: Paul Klein
costume designer: Amelia Peck
sound designer: Ana ??
stage manager: Lisa Orris
technical director: Ada Citron
assistant stage manager: Betsy August
assistant technical director: Smokey Cerrone
costume crew: Kate Burton
master carpenter: Lars Erickson
make-up consultant: Sharon Grodin
publicity: Judd Silverman
pw board liason: Nora McKinney
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